Художник Альбрехт Дюрер - Albrecht Durer   Местонахождение
Название работы RHINOCERVS   Источник
Год создания 1515   Стиль ---
Размер     Категории animals

woodcut print    
Научные названия:
Species Rhinoceros unicornis Linnaeus, 1758 - Носорог панцирный (Ru) - Панцирный носорог (Ru) - Носорог индийский (Ru) - Индийский носорог (Ru) - Indian Rhinoceros (En) - Great One-horned Rhinoceros (En) - Asian One-horned Rhinoceros (En)  BioArtSystem 
Примечания: "Полуфантастическое" изображение индийского носорога А. Дюрером

A rough translation of the inscription above the image reads, "On the first of May in the year 1513 AD, the powerful King of Portugal, Manuel of Lisbon, brought such a living animal from India, called the rhinoceros. This is an accurate representation. It is the colour of a speckled tortoise, and is almost entirely covered with thick scales. It is the size of an elephant but has shorter legs and is almost invulnerable. It has a strong pointed horn on the tip of its nose, which it sharpens on stones. It is the mortal enemy of the elephant. The elephant is afraid of the rhinoceros, for, when they meet, the rhinoceros charges with its head between its front legs and rips open the elephant’s stomach, against which the elephant is unable to defend itself. The rhinoceros is so well-armed that the elephant cannot harm it. It is said that the rhinoceros is fast, impetuous and cunning." link 


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